50+ CrossFit



Why CrossFit works for ageing athletes and what are the needs we want to answer to with our 50+ CrossFit stream?

But staying physically capable and independent is a choice you can either choose to do everything in your power to remain... or well, ignore it and most likely, regret not doing it.

The goals of an young athlete and an aging athlete are different what it comes to the main purpose of the training itself.

As a young athlete, you might choose to do CrossFit because it makes you strong, improves your overall performance and you like the whole atmosphere created by the community around you; the challenging environment and the competition between others, that day after day, you are pushed to your limits.

Getting strong is the result of CrossFit but for seniors getting strong has an entirely different meaning. For an older athlete it’s more about remaining or for many, regaining the ability to do what young people do and take for granted; getting through the everyday life tasks.

Here are some simple everyday life tasks, that might not seem too difficult before you loose the ability to do them:

  1. Climbing up the Stairs.

  2. Getting up from Chairs and couches.

  3. Getting up from the toilet seat

  4. Picking up items from the floor.

  5. Getting in and out of cars, especially the backseat.

  6. Remain your balance on slippery streets.

  7. Opening jars.

  8. Grocery shopping

  9. Walk in the park with friends or grand children

  10. Remain “A can do it attitude

CrossFit, as it’s best, is not JUST a program we follow at the gym. It’s about preparing you for the known and unknown challenges that life has the tendency to throw at our way!


In the 50+ classes your coach will focus on what you can do. You will then be taught and encouraged to do what you can do better. You’ll then ultimately be coached to help you do more than you were capable of doing when you first arrived. The great thing about this model is that you are most likely to be surprised by what you are able to accomplish after a relatively short period of time.
You can also be sure that there will never be judgment for your present fitness level and only enormous respect for wanting to change for the better. You’ll probably never find a more encouraging environment!


50+ athletes and CrossFit beginners
Those who want to “give years to their lives and life to their years”; improve their mobility, strength levels and overall well-being amongst same minded fellow athletes
Those not afraid to be challenged;
Those who like to always learn something new and exciting

Yrjö / 64 years old

“A lot has happened during the almost eight months since I started. I don't feel like a weakling anymore, I have gained more strength, mobility and metabolic condition. My lower back pain is gone and my shoulder is much better. I have learned to love the feeling of my body adapting to the stress from the various exercises.”

Anne / 62 years old

“My condition has increased very fast. Much better than ever before, to compare with the other sports I have tried.”

“A good company makes the workout more effective. When you see others doing their best, it affects you. In a group you do much more than alone.”

Juhani / 63 years old

“Stadifit offers its customers with a comprehensive palette of services where your body is taken care holistically. Me myself will also in the future build my trainings around the following three pillars: CrossFit & Mobility & Physiotherapy.”