Adaptive CrossFit



We are proud to say we are the first CrossFit gym in Northern Europe to have a qualified coach to provide this service. Our Adaptive CrossFit  classes are designed to make fitness inclusive and accessible for temporary impaired or permanent adaptive athletes of all types, ages and walks of life.


The group of athletes included in this program are physically and non-physically impaired or permanently adaptive athletes who want to increase their work capacity and task accomplishment using the CrossFit methodology. With this program everyday tasks, routines and athletic goals become considerably easier to accomplish and achieve.

How to start?

For beginners there is a dedicated Technique course on Wednesdays at 17.00h. On the Technique course the athletes learn foundational movements used in the regular classes.

The investment for this Start-Up course is 145€. Athletes signed up for the foundational course, will attend to one Technique session a week and also have the choice to participate in 1 or 2 other regular classes a week if interested.

The investment covers the whole length of the course, which is 6 weeks worth of training.

The Adaptive CrossFit regular classes happen on Mondays at 15.00h and on Thursdays at 17.15h.

Tea / 28 years old

“Last summer, my life took a turn. I was in an accident, hurting my back and finding myself paralysed from my waist down. I was devastated for loosing all my hobbies and really afraid that I couldn't do sports ever again. “

“Four months after my accident my physical therapist told me to try this Adaptive Crossfit group in StadiFit and I wanted to give it a try. My initial goal was simply just to find out what kind of things I am now able to perform with my new body, to get sports back in my routines and take care of muscle balance in my upper body.”

“It amazes me how much I can now do: I actually have never been this strong in my life! Getting stronger helps me a great deal also outside of the gym.”

“The most rewarding thing about Crossfit so far has, however, been the community. Our adaptive group has a great spirit and I've already made many friends there.”