Baseline Coaching


Transform your life and create a healthy base for the rest of your life with our 6 weeks program!

Are you looking for to;

  • change your lifestyle towards the better?

  • make healthier food choices?

  • feel better?

  • feel stronger?

  • create a strong base for your new healthier lifestyle that will last?

  • be part of a community of likeminded people?

  • be a part of a community that care how you are doing?

  • learn how to move better?

  • be coached and supervised so that you know you are doing the right things and not getting hurt?

We provide you all of this without the cost of Personal Training with our 6 weeks lifestyle change program!

Who is this program for?

1) For people who are in it for the long haul

This is not a 4 week fitness regimen that may give you fast, short term results that you loose as fast as you gained them. No, this program is designed for people who want to make long lasting, fundamental changes into their lifestyle.

2) For people who want to learn how to move better

In the very core of our coaching is the belief that our bodies will feel the best if we learn to move them in a way that is the most natural for us. This includes; squatting, lifting, climbing, pushing, balancing, running etc. and learning how to do these things without the injuries and pain that often come with it.

Quality of movement is the base that everything else is built upon.

3) For people who want to get personal coaching and guidance without the cost of Personal Training

Not many explanations needed here.

The principles of movement and healthy habits are pretty universal, you do not need to get an individual plan for this.

All the things you would get from individual coaching, you will get, but without the costs of it. How we do this is that we have designed a program which include; Small Group Personal training classes, remote coaching, One on one coaching support….and all this within a community of people who are going through the same things as you are now: being a beginner, learning the basis of healthy movement and nutrition habits.

4) For people who want to enjoy the ride!

Yes, there is no denying that doing sports can be tough some times, but think if you were able to do that with people who are feeling exactly like you are feeling and in classes that never go without laughter and joking around with others? :)

This is how the program works:

At the beginning of your Coaching Package you will attend our Technique classes for the first 3 weeks. After you have attended all 6 different Technique classes, you can choose between the options of:

Continuing in our Small Group CrossFit classes


Continuing training on your own at the gym

Along the weeks, you will receive;

  • tools on how to set your goals so that you will stay motivated with your training

  • guidance for how to create the base for healthy nutrition habits

  • healthy recipe ideas

  • one on one meeting with a coach for to go through your goals and for to make a plan over how to get there

So here are the details of the 2 membership options:

Baseline Coaching with CrossFit 225€ - 6 weeks coaching package

Included in your membership are:

3 week’s Technique program + 3 weeks of Unlimited attendance to our Small Group CrossFit classes.

The Technique Classes are held as follows:

Fri at 18:30 - 19:30

Sat at 12-13

Full class schedule can be found here:

Baseline Coaching with Gym 157€ - 6 weeks coaching package

Included in your membership are:

6 Small Group Personal Training classes + 2 months ALL time gym membership

+ a Gym program to follow after you have gone through the 6 different technique classes and learnt the basics of good movement

The Technique Classes are held as follows:

Fri at 18:30 - 19:30

Sat at 12-13

Full class schedule can be found here:


I felt more energized, the atmosphere was very supporting and there was a possibility to learn something new every time. After a few months, I started coming to the gym more regularly

- Tuomas (33)


Coaching in classes is almost the same as training with a personal trainer. “You can do it” - here you get encouraged, inspired and sometimes they also tell you to take all your weights away. The most important though is that no one let you do anything wrong! Thanks for all the coaches. Without you I couldn’t have made it this far.

- Anne (62)


" We have a bunch of such amazing people and I’m very thankful for being part of this community. It is so much more fun to train with people that I have learned to know, and enjoy spending time with, than training surrounded by complete strangers. Let’s keep on inspiring each others towards better performances. I hope I can give back to you even a fraction of the support and energy you’ve given to me. "

- Vesa (39)