Member of the month for October - Finn

Our member of the month for October is excellent example of what we value most in our community and service at Stadi Fit, including an unwavering commitment to the foundational principles of health and fitness. He started his journey toward “perfecting human movement” several years ago with patience, consistency and always leaving a positive impact on those around him when coming to Stadi Fit. Whether practicing yoga with Elina, getting expert support from our team of fysios or working up a sweat with his personal trainer Simon, Finn has committed himself to improving on all levels and overcoming any obstacle that has come his way. Finn, congratulations on everything you have achieved and your continual commitment to practicing the basic things well with the support of your Stadi Fit team and community. Keep up the good work!

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

Lose 10 kg, increase mobility and strength.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

Lost 10 kg. greatly increased mobility and strength.

What are your next goals?.

Lose another 5 kg and further increase my mobility and strength (1 pull-up?)

Lisa Koivunen
Member of the month for September - Vesa

My main motivation for trying Crossfit was that I was very interested in learning more about “functional training”. I decided to drop in to check the gym, and the workout they were doing seemed fun. I was also very relieved to notice that not everyone else at the gym was an elite athlete, which was one of my initial fears.

This month, our decision was pretty clear. This athlete has always been really focused on technique and eager to learn. But what we’ve seen in him during the past months is the persistent work that he has been doing for to strenghten up his weak links. No it’s not always the most fun part of working out, but the part that keeps you progressing long term and that keeps you safe from injuries.

Vesa, you are setting up a great example to all of us for how being really clear on your goals and having a plan for how to get there really leads into long term success! Great work! Keep that mindset of always learning and always wanting to improve how you move and we see no limits for how far you will still get!

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

I have been doing some kind of sports most of my life. I used to train swimming when I was a teenager and after I finished competing in swimming, I was for the next 20 years mainly working out at the gym and at times jogging a couple times a week. Now looking back, I have realized how monotone my gym routine was during that time. I was basically doing the same 3x12 sets at the gym for years with only slight variation in movements, staying mainly on my comfort zone and avoiding the movements that I was not good at. Quite boring and also ineffective.
I had been considering trying Crossfit for a while, when In August 2015 noticed that there was a Crossfit gym, Stadi Crossfit, right next to where I live. My main motivation for trying Crossfit was that I was very interested in learning more about “functional training”. I decided to drop in to check the gym, and the workout they were doing seemed fun. I was also very relieved to notice that not everyone else at the gym was an elite athlete, which was one of my initial fears.
Another of my fears was my ”bad knees”. Before I first started at Stadi Crossfit, I had had some knee issues for the last 4 years or so, and during that time I was not able to run at all and going up the stairs felt on my knee on each step.
After discussing the knee issues with Coach Lucas, we did some mobility and strength tests, and were able to spot the most likely causes for the issues. We then decided to start knee rehab PT sessions once a week. During that time I split squatted + foam rolled + stretched etc. my feet each and every day for half a year. At times these daily physio exercises were quite boring to do, but I always tried to find time for them and stuck with the plan, and yes, finally the hard work did pay off.
After that period, I was able to run again, which seemed like a miracle to me because I had already couple of times given my hope on it. Today I have no knee issues whatsoever (knock on wood), and additionally, I’m now running better and faster than ever before.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are now?

Besides having fixed the knee issues, I have been able to improve my overall physique a lot and my body recovers better and tolerates today much more training than when I first started. During these three years I have been able to make quite steady progress, and I am very happy to be able to say, that now at the age of 39 I am in the best overall shape I’ve ever been. - How many people can say that at this age? I’m super happy that I can.
In some areas the progress has sometimes been frustratingly slow, but the direction has always been right. If I may brag a little, I’d say that one of my best personal qualities in is that I am quite good at making long term plans, and sticking patiently to them. This journey with slow but steady progress continues, and hopefully I can say I’m in the best shape ever also in many more years to come.

What are your next goals?

There are many of them. I actually have an excel file on my computer with concrete measurable goals that I’m working towards. Main target is improving in my biggest weakness, which are the overhead position and back chain strength. I’m also now planning to participate in CrossFit open for the first time in 2019.
The overall BIG goal is however not measurable by numbers. The big goal is to live healthy and to have fun while doing so.
Since my main goal is health, I’m very much digging the “perfecting human movement” approach that Stadifit has. I have some posture imbalances, which easily leads to that I’m not always using the correct muscles when exercising.  The detail and technique oriented approach in Stadifit is thus very well suitable for me, and I’m also myself becoming mature enough to realize that it is not wise to compromise technique when lifting heavy weights. Staying injury free is not a bad idea at all. I wish coaches to never stop reminding me to ”lock the elbows”, ”keep the external rotation” and ”not to loose the hollow”. because otherwise I will.

Any other comments you'd like to make?

I’d like to use this opportunity to thank my dear fellow athletes. We have a bunch of such amazing people and I’m very thankful for being part of this community. It is so much more fun to train with people that I have learned to know, and enjoy spending time with, than training surrounded by complete strangers. Let’s keep on inspiring each others towards better performances. I hope I can give back to you even a fraction of the support and energy you’ve given to me. 
Lisa Koivunen
July Member of the Month
_DSC1750 MV.jpg

"With many things in life (crossfit included) you have to be consistent and patient in order to improve. Unfortunately since I got a small injury in my back in the end of last year I have been forced to really test my patience during last months. Even though the progress with this “back healing” process is sometimes (or at least feels) a bit slow, there is definitely improvement."

The reason why we picked Noora as the Member of the Month in July, is definitely her attitude. Noora has experienced some setbacks last year as she got her back injured and had to quit CrossFit for a while. 

Despite the injuries she is not just staying home but really working hard to recovery. Noora's goal is to get back to CrossFit as soon as possible, stronger than ever. Her story is a great reminder for all of us, that even a slow progress is progress. Congratulations Noora, keep on going and show everyone that giving up is not an option. 


What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

For me personally it is really important to have a good balance in work / freetime. I completely lost it for few years, worked really intensively and didn’t have almost any sports in my weekly schedule. I wanted to get back on track with sports since I really love to do it and was sure that I would love many elements in crossfit and wanted to give it a try. I really appreciated small group workout style since I had a lot to learn with all the basic techniques.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

I guess with many things in life (crossfit included) you have to be consistent and patient in order to improve. Unfortunately since I got a small injury in my back in the end of last year I have been forced to really test my patience during last months. Even though the progress with this “back healing” process is sometimes (or at least feels) a bit slow, there is definitely improvement. For me the best way to get myself where I want to be is to show up to gym several times a week and do the workouts needed. It of course helps to have a great coach on my side, so thanks Simon for all the help and support!

What are your next goals?

My next goal is definitely to get back to WOD classes. I am also really much looking forward to participate Crossfit Open 2019 with healed back and hopefully no physical restrictions.
CrossFit & Fysioterapia

CrossFit & Fysioterapia


Olin innoissani aloittaessani CrossFitin harjoittelun Stadifitin moderneissa tiloissa Stadiumin talossa Hietsun torin varrella, asiantuntevien ohjaajien valvovien silmien alla. Tämän tehokkaan liikuntamuodon ohessa erityistä huomiota on kiinnitetty lihasten liikkuvuuden ja kimmoisuuden ylläpitoon. Kunnollinen lämmittely ja venyttely ennen varsinaista treeniä on tärkeää. Raskaan harjoittelun ja kymmenien toistojen jäljiltä lihakset jumiutuvat helposti ja jumien avaaminen ilman jokapäiväistä huoltoa voi viedä pitkänkin ajan. Itselläni on tästä omakohtainen kokemus. 

Liikuntatuntien ohjaajien ammattitaito oikeiden liikeratojen löytämiseksi harjoitteissa ennaltaehkäisee virheasentoja, jotka esimerkiksi vipuliikkeissä (olkapäät) ja voimaharjoitteissa (selkä) aikaansaavat harmia. Virheliikkeitä kompensoivat puolestaan sellaiset lihakset, joiden alkuperäinen rooli ei ole anatomisesti tarkoitettu tällaiseen tehtävään. Ohjaajilla ei tietenkään ole mahdollisuutta pitää kaiken aikaa silmällä kaikkia kahdeksaa kuntoilijaa, jotka kymmeniä toistoja tehdessään saattavat jo väsymykseltään poiketa oikeanlaisesta tekniikasta lihaksiston samalla joutuessa aivan uudenlaiseen kuormitustilaan. 

Allekirjoittaneelle kehittyi keväällä kolmen kuukauden kuluessa kummallinen jumi oikeaan olkapäähän: käsivarren ulkokierto oli heikentynyt lopulta niin paljon, etten kyennyt kunnolla nostamaan laukun remmiä olkapäälleni. Säännöllisistä venyttelyistä ja crossball-hieronnasta huolimatta jumi ei tuntunut lainkaan hellittävän. 

Ratkaisu jumiongelmaan löytyikin läheltä! Stadifitin tiimiin kuuluvat myös asiantuntevat fysioterapeutit, joten varasin pikimmiten ajan asiantuntijavastaanotolle. Monipuolisen käsivarren hartiaseudun ja yläselän tunnustelun jälkeen fysioterapeutilla oli diagnoosi valmiina: Oikean olkapääni ulkokiertovoima oli miltei olematon hartian etupuolelta lapaan yltävän poikittaislihaksen jumittamisen vuoksi. Alkuperäinen syy olikin sitten yllättävän tuttu: tietokoneen hiiri, jota liikuttaessa käsi on päivittäin pitkiä aikoja jatkuvassa sisäkierrossa. Fysioterapeutin
ohjeistamana ryhdyin päivittäin suorittamaan lyhyitä liikesarjoja ulkokierron elvyttämiseksi. Vähitellen myös voimaharjoitteet tulivat mukaan, jossa puntti kädessäni, nojaamalla kyynärpäätäni polveen, laskin käsivarteni toistuvasti jarrutusliikkeellä pystyasennosta vaaka-asentoon. Muutaman viikon jumppaamisen jälkeen tuloksiakin alkoi tulla. Jumissa ollut lihas heräsi eloon ja muistutti minua olemassaolostaan pienellä kipuilulla, joka sittemmin hellitti. Kiitos tästä asiantuntevalle fysioterapeutille! 

Olkapääni nyt pikku hiljaa toipuessa mieleeni juolahti ajatus, että olisi aika ajoin luontevaa meille kaikille crossfittaajille käydä PT-tunnilla, jonka aikana perusliikeradat ja liikkuvuus käydään läpi, jotta tekniikka pysyisi hallussa ja harjoittelu pysyisi iälle ja kunnolle sopivissa raameissa, tavoitteita unohtamatta. 

Stadifit tarjoaa asiakkailleen paletin, jossa kaikki teholiikuntaan liittyvät näkökohdat otetaan huomioon. Itse aion jatkaa tästä eteenpäin lihashuoltoani kolmikannan merkeissä: CrossFit & mobility & physiotherapy. On edelleen upeaa todeta, että Stadifit seisoo sanojensa takana: ”Perfecting Human Movement”.

Juhani K.

Lisa Koivunen

Fysio ProVita + Stadi Fit Health Center




Tuntuuko sinustakin vaikealta uida “terapeutti-viidakossa”?

On osteopaattia, hierojaa, fysioterapeuttia, personal traineria, kuntovalmentajaa, liikuntaneuvojaa…..ja lista jatkuu. Mistä sinä asiakkaana osaisit valita omiin tarpeisiisi sopivimman avun?

Meidän unelmamme jo pitkään on ollut luoda paikka, jossa palveluiden suunnittelu lähtee asiakkaan tämän hetkisestä tilanteesta, kohti hänen tavoitteitaan. Jossa me ammattilaiset tiedämme mitä sinä tarvitset, ilman että sinun on opiskeltava mitä eri ammatti nimikkeet tarkoittavat!

Paikkaa, jossa yhteistyö eri ammattilaisten välillä sujuu saumattomasti, jotta juuri sinä saat sinulle parhaimman mahdollisen avun!

No nyt, tämä unelma on vihdoin totta!

Stadi Fit on täyden palvelun liikuntakeskus, jossa harjoittelu on mahdollista aina vamman jälkeisen kuntoutuksen ensi vaiheista lähtien kohti huippu suorituskykyä! Tämän takaavat eri alojen ammattilaisista koottu huipputiimimme, jotka työskentelevät yhdessä taaten sinulle helpon ja tehokkaan palvelun.

Etkö ole varma miten lähteä liikkeelle? Anna meidän auttaa ja varaa henkilökohtainen konsultaatio Personal Trainerillemme! Tämä aika on sinulle täysin veloitukseton, tarkoituksenamme tehdä sinulle liikuntasuunnitelma kohti tämän hetkistä tavoitettasi! 

Liikkuminen ei ole koskaan ollut näin helppo! :)

Do you also find it difficult to make any sense of what all these different “therapeutists” are actually there for?

There’s Osteopaths, Massage therapists,  Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Conditioning coaches, Sport instructors…..and the list goes on. How could you, as a customer, know what would be the best fit for your needs?

Our dream for long has been to create a space where the services are chosen according to the real needs of our customers. Where the path we choose for each client is chosen according to their needs and goals. Where we, as professionals know how to help you the best way, without you needing to study what all those different job titles actually mean!

A place where the cooperation between different professionals work seamleassly so that we can ensure you as our customer the best possible service!

Well now, that dream has finally came true!

Stadi Fit is a full service health club. We provide training possibilities from the early stages of rehabilitation all the way to high performance training. How is this possible? We have gathered a top class team of professionals from different fields to work together all under the same roof!

Do you struggle with getting started? Not really knowing what you should do? Let us help you!

Book a consultation time to one of our Personal Trainers. This time is free for you with the only goal being to make a proper plan towards your training goals.

Moving and training has never been this easy! :)




Stadi CrossFitStadi Fit
June Member of the Month!

"Kun liikunta perustuu ihmisille luonnollisiin liikkeisiin ja kuormittaa ihmiskehon kaikkia liikkeenhallintajärjestelmiä sille ominaisilla liikeradoilla ja suunnilla, ei ole väliä onko liikkuja 15 vuotias vai 80. Tällainen liike on jokaiselle tehokasta ja turvallista."


"The core of training at any age should be using the natural movements and movement patterns of a human body. This kind of training is safe and effective for everybody whether at their 20's or at their 80's."


Moni iäkkäämpi liikkuja vähentää liikunnan määrää iän karttuessa. Ehkä pelko kaatumisesta tai muista loukkaantumisista vähentää liikkumisen määrää huomaamatta. Mutta syystä huolimatta tilanteen tulisi olla juuri vastakohtainen! Kun liikunnan määrä työ arjen pois jäämisen myötä vähenee, tulisi suunnitellun liikunnan määrää päinvastoin lisätä. Liikunnan tulisi sisältää sekä kestävyys kuntoa ylläpitävää liikuntaa että voimaa, tasapainoa, sekä räjähtävyyttä harjoittavaa liikuntaa.

Parhaillaan liikunta myös tuottaa iloa ja antaa energiaa! Tämän on huomannut myös Kesäkuun kuukauden jäseneksemme valittu Sirkka-Liisa!

Sirkka-Liisa on loistava esimerkki liikkujasta, joka ei anna iän sanella liikkumisen raameja. Salilla kyykätään, eli harjoitellaan istumasta nousemista mikä myös liittyy vahavasti jokaiseen arkipäivään, ja välillä harjoitellaan makuulta seisomaan nousemista ilman apua, sillä mikä olisi tärkeämpi taito kotona asuvalle iäkkäämmälle ihmiselle?


Mikä oli alkuperäinen tavoitteesi johon hait apua Stadi Fit:ltä?

Paikka oli ennestään tuttu, olen käyttänyt FysioProvitan palveluita monta vuotta.
Lääkärin suosituksesta varasin Personal Trainerin ohjaajaksi, koska omaehtoinen liikunnan harrastus tahtoo jäädä.
Oikea olkapääni kipeytyi yli  kolme vuotta sitten. Siitä katkesi ja irtosi kaksi jännettä ja kättä pitää harjoittaa koko ajan , jotta se pysyy käyttökelpoisena
Tärkeää on tietysti koko kehon kunnossa pysyminen. Tässä iässä ei voi jäädä loikoilemaan sänkyyn.

Mitä tavoitteita olet jo saavuttanut ja miten olet niihin päässyt?

Oikeaa kättäni hoitaa edelleen oma fysioterapeutti, mutta Annamaarian tehokas, sopivaa tasoa oleva ohjaus on ehdoton edellytys kunnossa pysymiselle. Siksi päätin valita kaksi kertaa viikossa treenejä.
Olen pysynyt tällä harjoittelulla kohtuullisen hyvässä kunnossa. Liikunnan tuoma ilo on mukana.

Mitkä ovat seuraavat tavoitteesi?

Tavoitteena on edelleen pysyä liikuntakykyisenä. Toivon, että treenauksen myötä säästyisin ehkä joltain sairaudelta.

It's not rare that people at their older age decrease the amount they move daily. Maybe it's due to a fear of falling or from the fear of possibly getting injured, but no matter what the reason might be, they should actually do the absolute opposite!

The amount of moving usually decreases when the working life is over, so it would be important to balance it out by increasing the amount of planned training sessions. The training should consist of aerobic and strength training as well as training which improves balance and power.

And it goes without saying that it should also bring you joy and more energy. This is what our Member of the Month for June, Sirkka-Liisa has also noticed.

Sirkka-Liisa is a great example of somebody who doesn't let age define what she can and cannot do. At the gym, we do squats, which nicely ties it together with the everyday life where you need to stand up from seated numerous amount of times. And regularly on the menu are also times when we train laying down and standing up without support, as what would be more important of a skill that that for an older athlete who wants to live independently at their own home?


What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

I was familiar with the Stadi Fit premises already from the past as I have been using Fysio ProVita’s services for many years.
From my doctor’s suggestion, I started working out with a Personal Trainer as I needed help with sticking with regular training.
My right shoulder got injured more than 3 years ago. Two tendons got torn, so now it requires regular training so than it remains usable.
Ofcourse, my goal is to stay overall healthy. At this age you cannot just stay in bed, you need to move in a regular basis.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

I’m visiting a physiotherapist who takes care of my right shoulder, but getting guidance and support from Annamaaria has been absolutely neccessary for maintaining my overall health. That’s why I chose to train with her twice a week.
With the help of the training I have been able to stay in a pretty good condition. And of course it goes without saying that the joy of working out has been a big motivation factor as well.

What are your next goals?

My main goal is to stay healthy. I hope that training could keep me safe from some ilnesses as well.



 Sirkka-Liisa, 81v

Sirkka-Liisa, 81v

Stadi CrossFit
February Member of the Month!

"I was an underdog. But I had been in similar situations many times before in my life: Be patient and you will proceed!  

So I gradually got on and now I enjoy it all."


This member deserves the title of Member of the Month for not only for the progress he has made during the past month but for the amazing progress we've seen in him during the 3 Years time we've had him training with us!

Besides just the clear physical progress and improvements in his movement skills, we've seen a clear change in how he believes in his own skills and abilities to learn new! That's pretty amazing!

We love his analytical approach to CrossFit. How he wants to understand the little bits and pieces first to be able to then put them in practice. That makes ours coaches hearts melt. What could be better than getting to share what we are so passionate about with a member who is so eager to learn from us?! 

CrossFit is like math in so many ways. Asking the right questions can sometimes be much more important than solving the problem. You can't make a change in something you don't understand first.

So Juhani, keep the questions coming, we are more than happy to solve your way through to a Muscle Up this year! :) 


 Juhani, 62

Juhani, 62


When I first came to StadiCrossfit some three years ago it became very soon clear to me that my first goal in doing crossfit was to survive.
Earlier I considered myself to be in a rather good shape doing e.g. body bump on a regular basis, but the  fitness cult of crossfit appeared to be quite different.
The for me overdriven metcons with their  endless repetitions drove me in the beginning to the borders of exhaustion & annoyance because these exercises were more demanding that I could tolerate during this phase.
I was an underdog.
But I had been in similar situations many times before  in my life: Be patient and you will proceed!
So I gradually got on and now I enjoy it all.
The powerful connection between the upper and the lower body through a trained tight core showed to be the key of doing proper crossfit.
I am amazed to realize that an elderly man like me can still make considerable progress in getting stronger, more flexible and better at movement skills.
The coaches of the Stadifit team are professional , interactive, so they have very good abilities in transferring the essential fitness ideas to the class participants who in turn are encouraged  to ask questions about the current tasks, so they could have a better idea how a certain progression is to be done.
My next crossfit  goals are to do the bar muscle up and the ring muscle up. These progressions nowadays seem  to be for me more and more probable to carry out.
A teacher as I am myself, I am also an obedient pupil , eager to learn new things, be it math, riding, creating music,…, crossfit!


Stadi CrossFit