Member of the month for October - Finn


Our member of the month for October is excellent example of what we value most in our community and service at Stadi Fit, including an unwavering commitment to the foundational principles of health and fitness. He started his journey toward “perfecting human movement” several years ago with patience, consistency and always leaving a positive impact on those around him when coming to Stadi Fit. Whether practicing yoga with Elina, getting expert support from our team of fysios or working up a sweat with his personal trainer Simon, Finn has committed himself to improving on all levels and overcoming any obstacle that has come his way. Finn, congratulations on everything you have achieved and your continual commitment to practicing the basic things well with the support of your Stadi Fit team and community. Keep up the good work!

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

Lose 10 kg, increase mobility and strength.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

Lost 10 kg. greatly increased mobility and strength.

What are your next goals?.

Lose another 5 kg and further increase my mobility and strength (1 pull-up?)

Lisa Koivunen