Member of the month for November - Eeva


Our member of the month for November is Eeva. Despite the pregnancy Eeva has continued training with an excellent attitude while respecting her own body. And this is the reason we chose Eeva.

"pregnancy is not a disease" but a reason to take care of your body and condition even better so that it would be able to carry the extra weight the pregnancy brings.

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit? 

To get back on track with CrossFit training since I moved to Helsinki on 2017 from Tampere. I used to train there at Tampere CrossFit several years since 2013 to be exact. I've always liked CrossFit. It got me hooked right after the first workout. It was hard to start all over again for the reason of challenging work life. It took me almost over a year and during that time I didn't workout that much. One of the challenges was the idea that how could I find the same spirit which Tampere CrossFits' community had. My boyfriend recommended StadiFit to me since he was already a member. I remember the first time I came for a workout. The gym and the other athletes seemed really nice and I knew that I have found my new box to be.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now? 

The most important goal was to train with more laid back attitude than earlier. It was important to me to find right balance between intensive training and work. After one year break from training I found the motivation all over again on December 2017. 

One off my goals at the moment is to keep myself in good shape during the pregnancy. And scaling the exercises and be satisfied with my self-demanding mindset. 

What are your next goals? 

Right after having a baby my goal is to combine motherhood and goal orientated CrossFit training when the timing is right. Top of that handstand walk would be really cool and more practical goal. 

Lisa Koivunen