February Member of the Month!


"I was an underdog. But I had been in similar situations many times before in my life: Be patient and you will proceed!  

So I gradually got on and now I enjoy it all."


This member deserves the title of Member of the Month for not only for the progress he has made during the past month but for the amazing progress we've seen in him during the 3 Years time we've had him training with us!

Besides just the clear physical progress and improvements in his movement skills, we've seen a clear change in how he believes in his own skills and abilities to learn new! That's pretty amazing!

We love his analytical approach to CrossFit. How he wants to understand the little bits and pieces first to be able to then put them in practice. That makes ours coaches hearts melt. What could be better than getting to share what we are so passionate about with a member who is so eager to learn from us?! 

CrossFit is like math in so many ways. Asking the right questions can sometimes be much more important than solving the problem. You can't make a change in something you don't understand first.

So Juhani, keep the questions coming, we are more than happy to solve your way through to a Muscle Up this year! :) 


Juhani, 62

Juhani, 62


When I first came to StadiCrossfit some three years ago it became very soon clear to me that my first goal in doing crossfit was to survive.
Earlier I considered myself to be in a rather good shape doing e.g. body bump on a regular basis, but the  fitness cult of crossfit appeared to be quite different.
The for me overdriven metcons with their  endless repetitions drove me in the beginning to the borders of exhaustion & annoyance because these exercises were more demanding that I could tolerate during this phase.
I was an underdog.
But I had been in similar situations many times before  in my life: Be patient and you will proceed!
So I gradually got on and now I enjoy it all.
The powerful connection between the upper and the lower body through a trained tight core showed to be the key of doing proper crossfit.
I am amazed to realize that an elderly man like me can still make considerable progress in getting stronger, more flexible and better at movement skills.
The coaches of the Stadifit team are professional , interactive, so they have very good abilities in transferring the essential fitness ideas to the class participants who in turn are encouraged  to ask questions about the current tasks, so they could have a better idea how a certain progression is to be done.
My next crossfit  goals are to do the bar muscle up and the ring muscle up. These progressions nowadays seem  to be for me more and more probable to carry out.
A teacher as I am myself, I am also an obedient pupil , eager to learn new things, be it math, riding, creating music,…, crossfit!


Stadifit Oy