Member of the month for January - Marja

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Marja began with Stadi CrossFit eager to learn, progress and with an eye for getting the details right so she could safely reach her goals while continuously evaluating and addressing her weaknesses.

As we got to know her more, we also saw the key ingredient that has made her a stand out member in the community as well as a member who keeps growing from strength to strength: that is a genuine, enthusiastic and supportive energy that is a joy to be around. Her coaches and fellow members know when she is in class, the energy lifts immediately.

From the time she joined up until today, Marja has consistantly gone about improving on all levels. From addressing areas she wanted to improve by engaging in-depth coaching from all expert areas at Stadifit, to inspiring her Dad to also take up ”perfecting human movement” with her, and achieving multitude of personal bests, goals and high fives along the way.

We are super proud of our members and community and Marja is a perfect example of the best of Stadifit and a well-deserved recipient of the member of the month award.

p.s. We are very happy to give an update on our previous month’s member of the month recipient, Eeva, who was expecting her first child with partner (and also member at Stadi Fit) Henri. We were informed by the couple that they welcomed their baby girl to the world at in the start of January!!! Mum and baby are both doing well and we couldn’t be happier for them. A big welcome to the new family member to the Stadifit community!

First name & age

Marja, 32

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit? 

My sports background before starting Crossfit was mainly ballet and latin dancing. When I moved away from those hobbies, I started running and doing bodyweight training at home, but had trouble with my shoulder and knees, most likely from training without coaching and attention to form. I started CrossFit because wanted to try something new and learn to train properly.

But as some have noticed, I haven’t left my dancing background behind either :)

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now? 

My goal at first was to learn correct technique, and that’s what I focused on for the first six months. I’m quite competitive, but I’m glad that I was able to keep that focus. Once I got comfortable with the technique, I really started to enjoy olympic lifts - the clean is now my favorite!

I have also learned to listen to my body better, noting when I can push for PRs and when I have to take it easy. Still, I think I’ve achieved every single one of my PRs with the strength that comes from cheering fellow athletes. So a big thank you goes out to our great community!

I try to motivate newcomers who have just started with us, because I can still remember how hard it was in the beginning. 

What are your next goals? 

My next focus area is gymnastics: getting those first strict pull-ups, ring dips and handstand pushups. But I need to continue listening to my body, as I’m now expecting a child :)

It’s going to be an exciting year!

Lisa Koivunen