Sore muscles? No worries, we got a sport massage therapist in the house!

Meet Satu, she started at Stadifit as a Sport massage therapist on Wednesday this week.

Satu has graduated as a massage therapist in 2015 and worked as one ever since.

There are many reasons what made Satu become a massage therapist.

First of all I have always enjoyed massaging others. Though the final decision was made when I got into my gym training hobby and wanted to elaborate from that.

My strengths are definitely my joyful, humorous and service-minded attitude. Also helping other people gives me so much power.

Satu’s customer scale is wide, varying from young competitive athletes to people doing sedentary work.

My areas of specialty are mobilising massage for joint areas as well as dry needling.

Do you feel like massage could be the thing your sore muscles needs? The fact is that every athlete needs regular massage. And that’s why we want to give you a special discount to Satu.

Be one of the firsts to try Stadi Sport Massage:

3x 45min massage, only 120€ (norm. 158€)

Buy the package at Stadifit reception.

Book sessions below (pick Satu Soronen from the list) or book at the Stadifit reception.

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Lisa Koivunen