Member of the month for March - Tea!

Tea joined our team of adaptive athletes less than 6 months ago, and what caught my attention right away was her attitude towards the new adapted lifestyle reality.

With her great personality and hard work drive, it didn’t take long for her to start pushing her CrossFit trainings harder and tests its boundaries.

In her first year, she has already taken part on a selective competition which leads adapted athletes to a worldwide competition similar to the CrossFit Games and nearly qualified amongst the 12 selected to participate.

Today, she is one of the best examples of how inclusive fitness can be, and that we really have no excuse not to take care of your health.

-Lucas, coach for Adaptive CrossFit-

Read Tea’s own story under the picture!


First name / Age

Tea / 28

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

One of my best friends fell in love with crossfit a few years ago and that's when I also got interested in the sport. However, at that time I was passionate about running, cycling and horse riding, and found no time for something new and as intensive as crossfit is.

Then, last summer, my life took a turn. I was in an accident, hurting my back and finding myself paralysed from my waist down. I was devastated for loosing all my hobbies and really afraid that I couldn't do sports ever again, that I wouldn't be able to feel myself strong and powerful or feel the excitement of what only physical activity can give. I felt exhausted for learning everything, starting from finding sitting balance again, from the scratch and felt really powerless in ever finding sports in my life again. Four months after my accident, in last October, my physical therapist, then, told me to try this Adaptive Crossfit group in StadiFit and I wanted to give it a try.

With this background, my initial goal was simply just to find out what kind of things I am now able to perform with my new body, to get sports back in my routines and take care of muscle balance in my upper body.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

It amazes me how much I can now do: I actually have never been this strong in my life! Getting stronger helps me a great deal also outside of the gym. For example, for transferring from my wheelchair to bed, couch or floor requires a lot of strength when doing it without legs. In January, I was persuaded to participate in the WheelWOD Open, adapted version of the Annual WorldWide Online Competition of the CrossFit Open. A little competition always makes me give my best, and I accidentally scored in the17th in the ranking. 

The most rewarding thing about Crossfit so far has, however, been the community. Our adaptive group has a great spirit and I've already made many friends there. It's also a relief to be amongst "my own", to feel completely abled, as a contrast for the real world where I'm still refining my identity after the huge life change.

What are your next goals?.

My next goals include practising technique, gaining strength and performing 15 pull ups by the summer. I'm definitely going to give my all in next year's Open, aiming for the Top12 and qualifying for WheelWOD Games. But most importantly, I want to keep having fun, enjoying great company and feeling strong again.

Lisa Koivunen