Member of the month for May - Tuomas


The main reason we chose Tuomas this month is because of his obvious hunger for learning new!

Learning how your body moves and being able to control movement is the key ingredient towards moving better. And moving better means that you learn to move more efficiently. Efficient movement means that you waste less energy doing the same tasks you’ve done before and so your endurance levels go up; you do more with less.

Proper movement patterns also allows a better platform for generating force and power, so your strength moves will improve as well.

Why we are bringing this up here is that we see a lot of CrossFit beginners loosing their hunger for learning new. They get blinded by the intensity and think that “if I do more and I do it faster, I will sure get better” and yes, you will up until you hit a plateau, while the longterm changes are made by learning to move better.

The time you invest in working on your techniques and body control, will be paid back with less injuries, more steady progress and at the end of the day; better results than what you would have ever reached with less skillfull movement.

So we are happy to see someone like Tuomas, always ready to listen and learn, making steady progress towards his goals! He is the kind who you see; warming up 30min before for a class, choosing the movements and scalings which will challenge him but not break him, doing his own thing without allowing his ego growing bigger than him, staying curious towards new challenges and most importantly: having a beginners mindset, knowing that however good you get at something, there is always something new you can learn that allows you to get yet even better!

Congrats Tuomas! We will make sure to always bring you new challenges and things to learn. As what it comes to human body and movement, the possibilities are endless if you just stay curious! ;)

1) First name / Age

Tuomas, 33

2) What was your initial goal when you joined Stadifit?

Our company started having a once a week Crossfit classes at Stadifit in late 2017. 

When I first heard about the weekly Crossfit classes, I had no special expectations nor really set a goal for myself. Basically I though "why not give it a try". As an illustrator I spend most of my days sitting in front a computer, drawing and painting in quite awkward positions, so I though doing some extra exercise wouldn't hurt and participated on the classes.

After a few of those sessions, I noticed that the style of coaching and the workouts were both challenging and something I hadn't quite experienced before. Going to the gym was also a learning experience every time, and I really enjoy learning new things! Every time there was something new, a new challenge and something I hadn't done before; wall balls, climbing the rope, pistol squats... Especially the different stretches and warm-ups before the workouts were something I found very useful outside the gym too. 

Also, I believe that the positive and focused spirit of Ville Vähäkoitti who coaches our company classes kept me coming back every week. I felt more energized, the atmosphere was very supporting and there was a possibility learn something new every time. After a few months, I started coming to the gym more regularly, also outside our company sessions. 

3) What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

I noticed quickly that I had challenges with mobility. Not surprising after spending 20 years of my life basically sitting in front of a computer! The mobility requirements for certain movements seemed impossible to reach and often I felt very frustrated, especially with many of the barbell movements.

Improving my mobility was my first goal and there's still a long way to go. However, after a year and a half, a lot of progress has happened already! I started stretching regularly at home and doing both a warm-up and a stretching routine before each class. I believe my overall mobility has probably improved due to a positive cycle: Initially I wanted to improve on barbell movements, which requires good mobility, and I couldn't do those movements safely and efficiently unless I would get my mobility fixed, and so on...  

Another thing where I see a clear difference to where I started is the overall endurance and the difference in my mindset towards training. I don't feel as out of breath and uncomfortable as I did before after the workout. I've also noticed a big difference in mindset: the attitude has changed from "Do I really have to do this?" into "Can't wait to do this, can we start already?!".

4) What are your next goals? 

Next I'm looking to improve the health and strength of my back and core. 

There's always room for improvement in technique too and this is where I think StadiFit is a great place: The coaches have a keen eye for detail, keep reminding about the technique and correcting if my posture isn't right. All the coaches have a bit of a different method to coaching too. Some are more methodological, explaining the movements by carefully dividing them into segments. Some have a more intuitive approach: "Just jump!", and go into nuances along the way. When attending to classes of different coaches, I feel I get a good overall idea of the movements and where to improve my technique. 

I  really enjoy Olympic Lifts, so improving my technique and PRs on those are my next goals. 

Lisa Koivunen