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Member of the month for February - Yrjö

This month’s member, Yrjö, was an obvious choice from our coach team. Yrjö started at Stadi CrossFit after his daughter Marja’s (Member of the month in January) recommendation. It has been great to see them working out together and supporting each other.

Yrjö was an obvious choice for us was because of his openness to always learn new and develop. Every workout he does with 100% presence and gives every movement his full effort. We can see that he is perfecting quality before quantity!

As every month, we want to repeat again how proud we are of our members and how happy it makes us to see that “perfecting human movement” is as important for our members as it is for us.

Read Yrjö’s own story below:

First name / Age

Yrjö, 64 years old

What was your initial goal when you joined Stadi Fit?

A little over a year ago I realized I was in a bad condition and a little overweight. After three decades of sitting on a computer, I had repeating lower back pain, my right shoulder was sometimes so sour I could not lift a water kettle from the stove. I often had troubles with my knees. I had tried to keep myself in aerobic condition with walking but neglected my muscles. I had to do something.

I started to go to Chinese kungfu training called wingtsun, as I admired the skills and spirit of this ancient art. Half a year later I felt this was not quite what I needed. Then, last summer my daughter suggested I should try Crossfit. I was curious and joined in the Start-up course. Very soon I got hooked, and already after the six start-up lessons and the first few WOD's I sensed a new connection to my body.

My initial goal was simply to improve my health and finally acquire the physical strength I had lacked so many years.

What goals have you already reached and how have you gotten where you are at now?

A lot has happened during the almost eight months since I started. I don't feel like a weakling anymore, I have gained more strenght, mobility and metabolic condition. My lower back pain is gone, my shoulder is much better, although I found that I have osteoarthritis on my right sternoclavicular joint, which I have to be aware of in workouts (exercise is nevertheless good for it). I have learned to love the feeling of my body adapting to the stress from the various exercises. I think I have reached a certain basic strength and skill level, from where to improve my self further. A big help to all this has been the personal training workouts and a physiotherapeutic lesson I had along my journey.

What are your next goals?.

In the future, I want to be able to perform at least the basic gymnastic skills without or with minimum scaling. I really want to learn the skill and proper technique of Olympic lifting. I also started to keep an Excel-sheet to build my self a more programmatic and goal-oriented plan. 

I am now 64 years old and have to keep a balance between working hard and ensuring I still recover properly. Looking up at my friends of the same age in community, who are far ahead of me in, I know the age is not a limit and there is a lot of space to improve my self.

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