personal trainer & crossfit coach


I coach our Small Group CrossFit classes and also work as a Personal Trainer. I'm specialized in Running Coaching.

My child- and young hood history in classical ballet and gymnastics have also given me a good foundation and skill set to teach how to build up a strong foundation and body control.

I've always been a highly active person and sports for me have played a natural way of channelling that energy and my emotions. In nowadays hectic world, one of the most valuable things in training is that for that moment it takes you away from the world around you and that is your only focus there and then.


As a coach, my job is not to teach you a method or give you a recipe to health. I'm there to give you tools and to guide you on your own journey towards happier and healthier you.


  • Liikuntaneuvoja (LPT)

  • Urheiluhieroja (koulutettu hieroja)

  • FAF International Personal Trainer

  • Fyysisen kunnon testauskoulutus (Fisaf)

  • Liikuntaravitsemuskoulutus (Fisaf)

  • CrossFit Trainer Level 2

  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer

  • CrossFit Endurance Trainer

  • Pose Running Method Coach


My native language is Finnish, but I also coach in English.

Annamaaria is the Head Coach of our Running Coaching program. Learn more about the running coaching from here.



personal trainer & crossfit coach


I coach our small group CrossFit classes and also work as a Personal Trainer. I'm specialiSed in Rehabilitation.

Originally from Brazil with a background of competitive sports, including basketball, handball and swimming, which has given me a practical understanding of an active lifestyle, always searching for progress into sports and fitness area. The outcome was a career as a PT and a CrossFit coach aiming to help people in achieving their best performance.


Everybody has potential to be what they want to be, you just need to want it enough!


  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Sports and Exercise Science

  • Impairment Movement Syndromes Specialist

  • CrossFit Trainer Level 2

  • CrossFit Speciality Training: Adaptive Training

  • CrossFit Judge


My native language is Portuguese, but I also speak fluent English.



personal trainer & crossfit coach


I coach our Small Group CrossFit classes and also work as a Personal Trainer. I'm specialized in Nutritional Coaching.

Growing up in New Zealand with the value of good nutrition and an active lifestyle lead to my curiosity of the science and practice of moving and living well. Sharing this with others was a natural progression and lead to the very fulfilling path of coaching and opening Stadi CrossFit.


I aim understand and coach human potential, physical excellence and vitality as the foundation for inspired living


  • Master of Science (Sport and Exercise Science)

  • Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (1ST Class Hon)

  • Bachelor of Human Performance

  • CrossFit Trainer Level 2

  • CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer

  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

My coaching language is English.

Simon is the head coach of our Nutritional Coaching program.

Read more about the program by clicking this link.



personal trainer & crossfit coach


I coach Small Group CrossFit classes and also work as a Personal Trainer.

An active childhood and football career led me to study sport sciences and so the passion turned into a career. Nowadays i still kick a ball about, but also try to make my body move better each day.

This is something that I also emphasize in my coaching: everybody can and should be able to move their body effortlessly. Versatile training such as CrossFit is both rewarding and fun!


Everybody can and should be able to move their body effortlessly


  • Master of Sport Sciences

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • Ido Portal method: Upper Body seminar, Movement X seminar, The Corset seminar

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

  • Yuval Ayalon Handstand workshop

  • Finnish Weightlifting Federation instructor 1

  • Personal trainer Trainer4you

My native language is Finnish, but I also coach in English.



Personal trainer & CROSSFIT COACH


I coach our Small Group CrossFit classes and also work as a Personal Trainer. I'm specialized in Weightlifting and Strength and Conditioning for different sports.

I’ve been related to sports most of my life, from a high level football player perspective in early days and eventually as a coach, looking to make a difference in every person that I get the chance to work with.

I’m a strong believer that quality of movement and efficiency matters when it comes to getting stronger, faster, fitter, powerfull or healthier; and that to improve a healthy body is a challenge that require the knowledge and professionalism that a doctor has on sick people.

We were made to move and play around as children do, so let’s keep the fun in training.


Is not about how much or hard you train, is about getting the best results with the less amount of stress, been smart.


  • Master in sport science and physical activity, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

  • Certification of advanced studies in physical activity

  • International certification of advanced studies in physical training  

  • Mario di Santo Unstable Functional Training seminar

  • Dario Cappa Physical training in kids and teenagers seminar

  • Chilean Weightlifting Federation (FECHIPE) Level 1 course

  • CrossFit Level 1 course

  • CrossFit Weightlifting specialty course

My coaching language is English.





I coach our Small Group CrossFit classes.

My love for sports started in our farm where me and my brother spent most of our time outdoors playing various sports and doing physical labour. My competitive background in sports included track and field, and baseball. Nowadays I actively train various aspects of Crossfit, and I am especially passionate about weightlifting. As a coach and an athlete I strongly believe that continuously developing the basics will take you far in any skill or movement.  

Everybody should love how much their mind & body can learn.


  • CrossFit Trainer Level 1

  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Information Networks (Tech.)

My coaching language is English.



PERSONAL TRAINER & crossfit coach

Henry Sewell profile photo.jpg

I work as a Personal Trainer.

Growing up in England I took part in many sports from a young age. Playing at a high level of basketball and cricket led me into my career of personal training and a coach for Cricket Finland national team and under 22 team.

My training aim is to help everyday fitness and movement along with training to complement specific sports.

Every minute of your day is a building block that goes towards creating your success.

  • Personal Trainer (Active IQ)

  • Fitness instruction for adolescents (Active IQ)

My native language is English.



Yoga Instructor

I teach Yoga for groups and give individual One on One - yoga classes

Physical activity means to me finding a balance and strength of mind and body in everydaylife. I love challenging myself- be it with physical activities or with a new job or a project: my practise has given me the conviction to make decisions, then make things happen. Coming from a dance backround, when I first started practising 8 years ago the practice felt like a dance. Vinyasa for me is a beautiful movement. The Asana breathing techniques, awareness of the body and mind gives an opportunity to learn something new in each practice.


As a yoga instructor, I want to encourage you to do what feels comfortable. I want to give the tools to feel more alive, connected and energized. You just need to be open mind and have the willingness to grow!


  • RYT- 200 Yoga teacher


Kielitaito (Language skills): Finnish, English