Stadifit Gym

In case you enjoy working out on your own, have your own training program to follow and your own goals, there’s a spacious gym for you, right in the heart of Punavuori. The gym is open for members from 5-23 every single day, with their personal key tags.

Gym facilities

We have a wide range of gym equipment including machines by Keiser ( and David ( 

We have several functional movement areas, several racks, barbells, free weights, kettlebells, parallettes, gymnastics rings and a variety of ancillaries such as exercise balls, bosu-balls, balance boards and many more.

Stadifit gym is ideal for all kinds of exercising from lighter workout and rehabilitation to high intensity training and bodyweight training or for example gymnastics strength training.


Which Options best fits your needs?


You only need the gym membership?

IF you are only looking for a place to train at, these are the right options for you!

Gym memberships (price/month)

All time access Memberships

Every Day 5.00-23.00

3 months 70€/month

6 months 65€/month

12 months 55€/month

*The gym is at your use every day from 5 a.m to 11 p.m

** During CrossFit classes, the functional training space is reserved for the class members only (see full class timetable)

Off-Peak Memberships

Weekdays: 9.00-15.00

Weekends: 5.00-9.00 and 15.00-23.00

-30% off from the normal price


10x card 120€

A single session 15€

You need some help with getting started?

The Technique Program is the right option for you at the very beginning of your journey!

Technique program

- for people new to the gym training

The Technique program is the foundational course for any type of gym training. During the program, you will be taught the very foundational movements of a human body such as squatting, lifting, pulling and pushing and how to incoorporate those into your strength training at the gym.

The core of the coaching you receive is our small group personal training Technique classes. In order to train safely and effectively, it is important to learn the basic movement techniques first and get your body used to being exposed to a broad range of movements.

During the Technique program, you will attend our Technique classes for the first 2,5 weeks. Within the 5 Technique classes, you will learn all the basic techniques you need in order to start your gym training. You can also attend the 6th class which is dedicated to Olympic Lifting. After you have completed all 5 basic classes, you can continue training on your own at the gym. You will receive a basic training program for to help you in getting properly started.

Included in your membership are:


2,5 week’s Technique Program with classes held 2 times a week


2 months Gym membership (you can access the gym every day between the hours of 5-23)


Basic Gym program

With this format you can begin with us at any time.

After registering to the course, you will receive more information within 24h.


Try Stadifit Gym

Drop in during the reception hours and try our gym. If you haven’t visited the gym before, we give you the first time for free.

Reception opening hours:

See opening hours from the home page