January Special for CrossFit Start-UP!


INTENSIVE START-UP  3 WEEKS + 4 Weeks of Unlimited Training = 250€!

If you want to get started quickly, this is the right option for you.

You can start your membership at any time, with your Start Up Course lasting for the first 3 weeks from the starting date which will be followed by a full month of training with unlimited access to classes!

During the first 3 weeks, you will attend the technique classes (6 classes) on

Mondays at 20-21 and

Saturdays at 12-13

with the option of joining the Movement and Mobility classes also on

Thursdays at 17:15 - 18:15

After the first 3 weeks, you are ready to jump into the normal weekly classes with Unlimited access

PS. If you are about to miss a class or two, then no worries! Lacking one or two classes will not prevent you from starting with the normal classes after your first 3 weeks and you can catch up on the classes you missed during your second month.

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