Stadi Massage


Why active people should regularly visit a massage therapist?

Do you workout a lot without proper recovery or do you do a lot of sedentary work? If your answer is YES, you might benefit a lot from massage. Increased performance and faster recovery, reduced risk of injury and an overall pleasant and relaxing feeling when your body starts to release your own “well-being” hormones, are a few benefits of a massage.

Practice always causes cellular microvascular injuries to muscle and tendon tissue, which is of course part of the purpose of training because it allows the body to develop and strengthen - if it is given favorable conditions. If these microvascular injuries cannot be repaired due to inadequate recovery, this will expose you to the risk of injury. If you are an active person and exercise regularly, then your body and muscles need more effective recovery. The recovery consists of many different factors, including, of course, a sufficient amount of sleep, rest and a healthy diet. Massage has also been shown to play an important role in many ways in accelerating body recovery from various stresses. Tendon and muscle membrane structures are particularly vulnerable to various injuries, as the blood circulation in these areas is low and hence recovery is significantly slower compared to muscle tissue, which is very well vascularized area. In massage, the treatment can be targeted, e.g. in these tendon structures and thus prevent their damage.

If you are a busy person and looking for a moment of calming and pampering yourself, the massage is an excellent alternative. Massage has been shown to release the well-being hormones, endorphins in the body, which are known to have many good effects on the body and mind.



Sport massage, classic massage etc.

30 min Massage 40€

45 min Massage 52€

60 min Massage 65€

Voice massage

75 min First examination 83€

60 min Voice Massage 79€

45 min Voice Massage 62€

3 x 60min 225€