Nutrition Coaching

At Stadi Fit we aim to offer the best, highest quality coaching and services possible.

Precision Nutrition, a company that shares this vision, has been hard at work for over 15 years developing arguably the best nutrition coaching system in the world. The resulting nutrition coaching platform, Pro Coach, houses a comprehensive, science-based, and strategic set of lessons, habits and tools which is delivered over a 12 month period to ensure the best results.

The system has been thoroughly road-tested on over 45,000 clients who have collectively lost over 400,000 kg of weight, improved their health, energy, performance in the gym and their lives. Check out some of their female and male results by clicking on "male" and "female". 

While getting leaner is certainly is a nice benefit of improving eating and lifestyle habits, this program is not just about nutrition and appearance. It is about living a high quality life and linking the things that are important to you with how you look after yourself, no matter what stage of your life you are in. 

Stadi CrossFit is excited and proud to offer Precision Nutrition´s ProCoach and, together with our expert coaching, members can be confident to get the best out of the program. The nutrition coaching team is lead by nutrition head coach Simon Dannapfel who will be co-ordinating the program and coaching support for those who choose to have coaching. All coaches supporting members through the PN ProCoach program are PN Certified to ensure the best standard of coaching is maintained. 

Below you will find more information about the program, what to expect, the main options for signing up and a frequently asked questions list. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at


What To Expect

Once you sign up for the program you will receive your log-in link to the system to your personal home page and will begin with orientation lessons and a questionnaire. You will then begin to each day receive a lesson to read and a habit to practice. 

Each week you will also track progress including body measurements or indicators of your choice. Every two weeks the habit will change and the supporting lessons will match the habit practice. Over the course of a year, the habits and lessons will build upon each other, taking you further and further towards a comprehensive change. Periodically there will be workshops to do, quick surveys and many different tools and experiments to try to make sure you are putting everything you learn into action.

Once a month, the measurements will include progress photos - these are optional but highly recommended in order for you to track progress, get feedback from your coach (if you signed up for one) and to be considered for transformation contests run by Precision Nutrition in the future. 

If you follow the recommendations and stick with the program for the year, aiming for over 80% habit and lesson compliance, you will get results. The key here is not just quick fix results, but sustainable results. The sad truth is that the health and fitness industry is full of mis-truths, false promises and sometimes plain wrong or dangerous stuff; particularly related to nutrition. No one likes to talk about what is required to get genuine and long-lasting results. The reality is consistency, determination, time and some hard work to get the results that matter. But it doesn´t need to be confusing or difficult to figure out. With right foundational practices, done in sequence, at a reasonable pace and with support / accountability from either a coach or your peers (or both), amazing things are possible. 

If you feel at this point the program is not for you, there are some resources you can make use of to the side here under PN Resources and Reading. If you are interested in signing up, continue below to review your options. 

Program Options

With both options shown below, your coach will check in on your progress regularly in the system, leave feedback for key lessons and be available if you need guidance on the habits or lessons. The coaching is delivered in the system and coaching calls can also be arranged.

NUTRITION COACHING - 165€ per month (1800€ if paid up front in full). 

 If you are already training CrossFit or other exercise and movement practices, the nutrition coaching without additional exercise programming will be a perfect fit. 

WITH EXERCISE PROGRAMMING 200€ per month (or 2000€ if paid up front in full)

For those wanting also exercise guidance, our fully supported option with everything you need for both exercise and nutrition is available, whether training at home or at the gym. 

Nutrition Head

Coach Simon Dannapfel



Who is Stadi Fit Nutrition Coaching powered by PN ProCoach for?

To paraphrase PN, it is for "men and women who want to get in the best shape of their lives—for the rest of their lives. It’s for people with busy schedules who want  a structured nutrition program to follow with or without the help of an expert coach to keep them on track." It is a perfect fit for those already following an exercise regime, such as CrossFit or those who are regularly active. Don´t worry, if you need exercise coaching too, we have you covered. You can either join us in person for our quality movement-focused CrossFit training or engaged one of our trainers to provide you with a customised training program. 

The main focus of the ProCoach program is to strategically help improve your eating habits—all within the context of your day-to-day life. No crazy fad diets or extreme methods that are temporary. Simply highly effective habits you need to get results that last forever.


Who is the program not for?

This is not for athletes with a specific elite goal e.g. body builders, fitness models or athletes training for a specific elite sport. The full program is also not for those with all the accountability they need and who very rarely struggle sticking to a complete nutrition and exercise regime. Those who have accountability but would still like to benefit from a comprehensive foundational nutrition program can sign up with the "no coach" option. 


How do I sign up for the program?

If you are an existing member or personal training client with Stadi CrossFit, reach out to your coach for details on signing up. Otherwise, simply pick the option you would like from the list shown above and email us at We will be in contact to set you up with the program once we receive your email.