OMT Physiotherapy


OMT- therapy is special line of physiotherapy concentrated on treating and preventing musculoskeletal diseases. In OMT-therapy the movement of joints and muscles, as well as function of nerve tissue, is analysed as part of the operational capability of the body.

The cure is chosen depending on the needs of the patient. Manual treatment, active exercises as well as acupuncture and cold and electroconvulsive therapy are used.

When OMT-therapy is used?

  • Ailments in the neck and shoulders (head ache, vertigo, pain and numbness in hands)

  • Pain in the chest area and problems in pelvis and lower back

  • Sciatica

  • Rehabilitation after accidents and surgery

The physiotherapist has had 3,5 year specialising training in OMT- therapy.

It is possible to get KELA compensation for OMT-therapy