Client: TOM, Almost 50


Our athlete Tom is a great example of someone who came from a place of pain and today, is an unstoppable CrossFitter! Why? Because he did his base work, stayed humble and never lost his trust that better days will come. 

We wanted to share his story so that those of you, who are like Tom, would not loose your faith and would get motivated to make a change, just like he did!

I was interested in CrossFit because I have a back problem.
I went to the doctor. He told to me that I need surgery operation for my back and
I didn't like his answer. ☹
I asked for another solution to solve my problem from him. He said that I have to strengthen my back and stomach muscles.
It may solve the back problem but its not guaranteed he said.

I have trained few years at Fysioprovita gym without guidance.
When StadiFit and Fysioprovita allyed I saw how Ansku & guys from StadiFit were training themselves at the gym and how they guided clients. I made my decision.
So I contact Ansku and asked if she could give to me PT lessons.
Now she have trained me privately about 4 month and now at last I'm able to start these small group trainings.
Between these lessons I also took couple times OMT Fysioterapist Simone to check my back etc.
Excellent work ladies ! Thank you very much.
I will continue training with you.


Running Coaching


Client: Dominik Röttsches, 38


What was your initial goal that you searched help for from Stadi Fit?

I was searching for a technique focused coach in Helsinki for improving my running skills. I considered myself fairly good at endurance sports such as cycling or swimming. However, running always wore me out quickly and just adding more training did not lead to the desired results. It dawned on me a better technique was needed here. My goal is to attend triathlons longer than sprint distance such as the Joroinen triathlon event without falling behind in the running leg of the race.

Were you familiar with the Pose Running method before?

I was not familiar with it before, but I had started to research various running technique methodologies on the internet.


Describe a little how has your experience been with the pose running method and the coaching style of Stadi Fit's running coach?

Starting to follow and adopt the Pose Running method has been a bit like relearning running for me in a good way - becoming very aware of the elements of the complex motion that running is. Annamaaria’s focus on full body strengthening and the philosophy of running with your whole body, as opposed to just your legs, definitely resonates with me. I was often surprised just how sharp my coach’s eyes are when it comes to technique analysis. For every technique deficit or for every little runner’s ailment, there’s been an answer through new strength exercises, mobility pieces or a new helpful drill to practice. Precise guidance in executing those exercises and drills is something that Annamaaria excels at. She is also managing expectations well: After a journey of a bit over a year I am definitely able to see the progress I’ve made. I gained confidence towards longer distance running and triathlon events in the upcoming summer 2017 season. Her cheerful but at the same time precise and strict training methodology made this a very fun experience and kept me highly motivated throughout.


Any other comments you would like to make.

I am glad that at Stadi Fit I found the professional running coaching I was looking for and the hard work I’ve been investing into running practice has been rewarded with steady progress. Looking at weight lifting benchmarks or running timing records together with my coach have been useful tools to track this progress and make it tangible. The Joroinen triathlon finish line is just around the corner.