WOD Program




Citius Altius Fortius - Following this programming stream will make you stronger, faster, leaner and healthier. Combining structured strenght training with short workouts done with High Intensity, will make you lift more, run faster and stand a bit taller, and the most of all; move in a way that your body was designed to!

With attention on periodising your training to periods where we concentrate on improving some particular skill/ skills and by making everything mesurable, you will notice a huge change in every area of your performance.


Those who have been CrossFitting for some time and already master the basic techniques
Those who want to build up their strength levels and gain more muscle mass
Those who want to improve their body composition

 PERFORMANCE - classes

Once you've built up the foundation, you can progress further in your skills by attending our PERFORMANCE - classes. These are meant for athletes who have been doing CrossFit for atleast a year and already know the basics and are hungry for to learn more!

Marja / 32 years old

“I have also learned to listen to my body better, noting when I can push for PRs and when I have to take it easy. Still, I think I’ve achieved every single one of my PRs with the strength that comes from cheering fellow athletes. So a big thank you goes out to our great community!”

Eeva / 33 years old

“I remember the first time I came for a workout. The gym and the other athletes seemed really nice and I knew that I have found my new box to be.”

Vesa / 39 years old

“During these three years I have been able to make quite steady progress, and I am very happy to be able to say, that now at the age of 39 I am in the best overall shape I’ve ever been. - How many people can say that at this age? I’m super happy that I can.”