frequently asked questions

Getting started with us

I’m a beginner, can I start CrossFit at Stadi?

Absolutely! We are a very beginner friendly gym with small class size and community. Our group size of 8 ensures you get the personal coaching and feedback that you need.

We also have 50+ classes that are very suitable for anybody wanting to take it a little easier in the beginning. Despite their name, they’re a great fit also for beginners!

Can I come and try a class first before commiting?

Yes, you can! Click the link → Join Now → CrossFit → Class Packs → Tutustumiskäynti, and reserve a spot from the class that best suits into your schedule. If you do not have any former experience of CrossFit, we recommend coming to one of the 50+ classes.

When can I start my Start Up membership? Do I need to start from the technique class 1 or how does it work?

You can start your start up membership whenever you wish. All the technique classes have their own theme, so you don’t need to have gone through the earlier ones before attending another.

If you know already that you are going to miss one of the classes, it is always better to communicate that with us beforehand so we can figure out another time for you to attend that class. Missing one class will not stop you from getting started with us!

I’ve attended an On-Ramp course at another box can I come to the regular weekly classes straight away?

Yes, if you have been taught the safe movement techniques at another box before and feel like you don’t need a reminder of them, then you are ready to start in our regular weekly classes.

But, if you feel like you may want to review some of the movements, it is always possible to attend those technique classes while still attending normal weekly classes.

Payment options and billing

How do I pay for my membership?

You can either pay your membership fee at the reception or you will receive an invoice on a monthly basis.

Do you have long commitment periods?

All new memberships comes with a 3 Months commitment in the beginning and continue on a monthly basis (cancelling a membership can be done with a months notification).


Because the golden rule of excercising is consistency and commitment. First you need to be consistent with your practise, show up 2-3 times a week even when you don’t always feel like it. When you’ve done that for 3 months, you’ve formed a new habit and it is easier to stick with it.